Sunday, April 17, 2016

Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville, NY Date on Sunday April 2016

Welcome her for celebrating the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville, NY Date on Sunday April 17, 2016. The Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville is the largest celebration which will hold on the Government Holiday in Sunday. The Vaisakhi Mela is the popular celebration across the World. On the days, some special features and activity provide you extra pleasure and extra opportunity. The people who want to celebrate the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville, this article are for these people. Get the complete guideline from here to enjoy on the Vaisakhi mela 2016 with your lover, Friends and family person. Read more data from the below.
Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville date:
The Vaisakhi Mela 2016 Hicksville will hold on the Sunday 17th April 2016. It is the biggest baisakhi Mela where available a biggest celebrity concert. The Mela will start on 02:00 PM at the Date of 17th April 2016. You will able to get more and more Vaisakhi items and vaisakhi collection on the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville at 17th April 2016.  Visit the Mela and buy unlimited Product with the maximum discount. We hope that you will happy by visiting the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville much.
Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville Concert – Sunday, April 17th 2016:
The Mela Authority wishes to all of their Members a prosperous for festive Vaisakhi. They also explain that, they will be holding their annual Vaisakhi Mela at 17th April 2016 at 02:00 PM. The Mela Committee requests you to visit on this Mela with your members. They also announced that the upcoming board (2016-2018) of 13 members elected and nominated without contest. The selected persons are:
Suraj P. Tschand – NJ
Anju Kakkar
Balram Kakkar
Gobind Bathija
Anup Bhasin
Janak Raj Lund
Sahil Mehra
Sunish Suchdeve
Mathew Bathija
Manoj Kapoor – MD
Nindi Vig
Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville Celebrations:
The celebration of vaisakh will provide you some extra and additional preference to you and the other entire person. Everyone can get the Latest collection of Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville like the greetings, foods, festoons, placard, jewelry, cosmetics and many other items. The seller keeps them busy on the Vaisakhi mela for supplying various items to their customers. You can feel free to shop the require items on the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville. The Management team of Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville provides the highest Security during the Mela Periods. You can feel free to visit the Mela and enjoy more.

Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville 2016

Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville Live Picture, Image and Wallpaper:
If you can’t visit the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville, you may able to get the live Image, Wallpaper and other on the Google. The people stay out of the Venue or stay on the other countries, they can easily get the all collection and proved items from there he/she situated.
Finally, no more word require to understanding you about the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville celebration 2016 at 17th April 2016. If you face any kinds of general problem or have any question about the Vaisakhi Mela Hicksville, Just make a complaint to us. We will review your comment and send to the Mela Authority. The management will review your problem and provide you a solution via us as soon as possible. Thank you for being with us.