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Pohela Boishakh History, Definition, Activities and Boishakhi Mela in Bangladesh

The Pohela Boishakh is a Largest celebration for the Bengali. The day participates on very year 14th April all over the Bangladesh, India and some other Countries. It is the traditional culture of Bengali. The Day will provide some extra opportunity and some extra facilities. We here now to provide you the latest solution and original Information about the Pohela Boishakh. It is necessary to know the Culture of Pohela Boishakh. So, get it now and try to make the result of your present life. We have divided this Article into too many parts. All of the parts are helpful to you. Read now and gain more about update  Pohela Boishakh 2017.
Pohela Boishakh 2017

Description of Pohela Boishakh - Bengali New year 2017

The Pohela Boishakh or Bengali New year is the 1st day of Bangla calendar. The day is a popular Celebration of Whole Bangladesh, West Bengal, the others Bangla Communities of Assam, Tripura, Odisha and the other Bengali Communities in India. The day of Pohela Boishakh also Participate numerous Countries in the World where some Bengali lives in.
Pohela Boishakh is the day of 1st Month and 1st day of the Bangla New year or Bangla Calendar. Pohela Boishakh is a celebration where the All religious and all regional people are connected. It is a public holiday in Bangladesh, Assam, West Bengal and some other place. In different, the day is called a national holiday all over the World where the Bengali lives in. People of Bengali celebrate the 14th April as the Bengali new year or Pohela Boishakh. The official Bengali calendar published by the Bangla Academy.
Do you know the meaning of NoboBorsho? It is the alternative name of Pohela Boishakh. Here, Nobo means New and Borso means year. So, the Nobo Borso means New Year. On the Every year, 14th April celebrates the Nobo Borso (New Year). The 14th April is the Midday of April.

The Pohela Boishakh is the celebration where Bengali people walk beyond physical borders for the Bengali new year celebration in India West Bengal in Bangladesh. Some tradition, culture and Activities make the day more attractive and biggest celebration. On this day the Bengali of every stages walks together to make the days more colorful and joyous.
Description of Pohela Boishakh - Bengali New year 2017

History of Pohela Boishakh - Bangla NoboBorsho 1424:

No more history found about the Pohela Boishakh. We need to flash back on the Mughal emperor. Akbar is the Great and emperor who was collecting the tax under his reign from 1556 to 1609. On the times, the economy was fully depends on the Agricultural productions. That’s time, the Arabic or Hijri year didn’t match for collecting the Agricultural products as the Tax.
Then he makes a new calendar to collect the Tax from the people who fully depends on the Agricultural products. Till then the Calendar is known as Bangla calendar and the 1st day of this calendar known as the Pohela Boishakh 2017.
From the time, day by day the culture, Activities and tradition of the day increase, Add, remove and changed. The Bangla Academi keeps the full power to re-write the Pohela Boishakh Tradition and culture. On this day some new activity and some cultural activity both looks at the celebration.
 The same process follows on the West Bengal of India and some other location in India and all over the world. There is a fixed organization available for maintenance the Bangla Calendar and the Pohela Boishakh Activity and performance. Sometimes, the other countries follow the Bangla Academi to make the Tradition about the Pohela Boishakh and its celebration process.
We also recommend you to visit Wikipedia to know more details about Pohela Boishakh. There you will get step by step information about the Bangla new year (Nobo Borsho).
Bangla Nobo Borsho - History of Pohela Boishakh

Activities of Pohela Boishakh:

Some Cultural and Activities have looked on the Pohela Boishakh. In Bangladesh, the Pohela Boishakh brings before the break of dawn, when the crowd gathers in “Ramna Park” and the Pohela Boishakh Cultural show held on Chhayanat per year. The Special Dress also reserved for this day. Mainly the women wear White Sharee with Red border. Though the Pohela Boishakh carries Spring,  the Women adorn their hair with Red Flower and also wear colorful Churi. The man mainly wears a traditional dress like Panjabi and a Paayjama. Sometimes, Wear Lungi with the Panjabi.
Boishakhi Shova Jatra:
The Boishakhi Shova Jatra is one of the important parts for Celebrating Pohela Boishakh. Everyone says that, it is the biggest attraction of Pohela Boishakh. People get up very early in the morning and start a rally from the Charukala Institute of Dhaka University.
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Activities of Pohela Boishakh

Boishakhi Mela in bangladesh:
If you ask someone in Bangladesh that what is the biggest Mela in your Country, Everyone easily explains that the Pohela Bishakhi Mela. It is really the biggest  fair (Mela) in Bangladesh. The Boishakhi Mela celebrates from 1 day to 30 days. Maximum times Boishakhi Mela Celebrate for 3 days to 7 days. Sometimes the Boishakhi Mela contains different Attraction like Sarkas, Jatra and some others traditional activities. Mainly the Boishakhi Mela is the Joy like the Ferris Wheel and the Merry Go round. The Boishakhi Mela provide some Special Products which can’t find on the Other Mela. The Shop keepers and the Buyers make a local gathering on the Boishakhi Mela. Research shows that, the 80% Bangali are still waiting for the Boishahi Mela. If you feel interested in celebrating the Pohela Boishakh, we highly recommend you to visit Boishakhi Mela and enjoy more and more. The people have sufficient time, they can visit multiple Boishakhi Mela to Enjoy more.
Boishakhi mela in bangladesh

Finally, there are some many features available about the Activities and cultural of Pohela Boishakh celebration. We will provide you all the necessary information and latest Pohela Boishakh plan, Ideas and All other Pohela Boishakh collections. If you have any question about this Content or any information, Please ask to us. If you think that any information we have provided is Wrong, Please write us now. We will correct it instantly as we can. So, Visit all the Categories of this page to get all the available collection of Bangla New year.

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